What Is Vehicle Armoring And It’s Basic Concepts

Mechanical engineering has witnessed a great number of advancements in the process and techniques. Earlier, the domain only believed in manufacturing required parts of vehicles, but now the techniques have changed so much that they emphasize on improvisations. Every section of this domain demands a better process and Vehicle Armoring is one such thing.

The increase in anti-social activities in and around the world has led to the development of security department too. Nowadays, the goal is to develop safe vehicles rather than fast or stylish ones. Because with advancement in technology comes great responsibility to make the things safe and secure for you.

What is Vehicle Armoring?

Armored Cars

It is the process of replacing usual parts of a vehicle with the ones which are much safer and is resistant to extreme situations like fire accidents and bullet firing. The doors and windows are particularly replaced by good quality glass and frames to keep the traveler safe from such sudden extremities. An armored car does not look any different from the standard ones, but they surely have altered body panels which are embedded with armor plates to sustain large accidents. From top to bottom, these cars are designed to protect the traveler from even the toughest situations.

Basic components involved in Vehicle Armoring

  • Battery, engine, and ECM have always been an integral part of the vehicle which needs to be kept safe from external abrasions and injuries. This is the priority when a vehicle is armored. These parts are particularly covered with good quality armor plates to sustain any type of injuries without any tampering of these three components.
  • The next priority is to make the vehicle blast proof against the simultaneous detonation of two hand grenades. Sounds weird but this situation is also taken into account while armoring the roof and wall of the vehicle.
  • An operable ballistic window is installed in the armored vehicle because usually the attacks are done through windows only. A double layer frame is designed with bulletproof glass and durable metallic frames to protect against bullet firing as well as the sudden blast.
  • The door hinges are even rougher and tough in nature. It is made up of sustainable metallic parts and has perfect alignment support.
  • How can one forget the wheels during armoring? The wheels are inserted with flat and broad metallic rim to keep the vehicle in motion even if the tires are damaged.
  • The firewall protection is embedded in each and every corner of the vehicle to keep the occupants safe from any kind of accident.
  • The seam of large ballistic doors overlaps just like the operable ballistic windows. It keeps the structure of vehicle intact during the extreme conditions. Also, it is made sure that overlapping matches the vehicle interior.
  • The last but not the least, the suspension system is reinforced to neutralize the weight which is added due to armor. It is made sure that vehicle does not lose its balance even when the armoring increases its mass.

In the light of aforesaid facts, we can conclude that Vehicle Armoring is a wonderful to keep the travelers safe from any sort of natural as well as human-made calamities.

6 Tips To Choosing The Best Rollaway Bed

Choosing the right bed is a very important thing in keeping the body healthy. As because we cannot sleep comfortably we will suffer from lots of diseases. So there are some tips discussed below how we can choose the right bed.

Visiting stores:

It is not that we should select our bed simply by seeing its picture. We should visit some store and physically assume i.e. can see the size of the bed is it sufficient for our room or not. We can try out the different styles, different sizes, and design according to our needs. We can also vary the price range by visiting different stores.


Lie on it:

It is not that we are simply going to see the bed. We should try some experiment by simply lying on it and judge whether it is suitable for us or not. As because in many cases we just simply look and order up but when we use it we find that it is uncomfortable for us.


Choose together:

This point is included in the topic is because in most of the cases we find the problem is being faced by couples. That means if we are going to share our bed we should both try on it by lying and seeing that if the rollaway bed is comfortable for both of them which means is the space provided in the bed is sufficient or not.



The most important topic is the size. Yes in most of the cases we find that after ordering the bed it doesn’t fit into the room. So before buying any bed, we should measure the size of the room as well as the size of the bed whether it is suitable for our room or not.


Bed and mattresses:

Talking about the bed as well as mattresses should be brought together. We should try to buy mattress according to our bed. Commonly there are two kinds of mattresses available one is the foam and the other is the spring. Talking about foam mattresses these are the mattresses liked by most of the customer is because they are neither too hard nor too soft. And the other one is spring enabled which helps in supporting our back. These are little expensive ones and preferred by a customer who is little healthy. Buying a new mattresses with new bed is really good thing as because if we use old mattress with our new bed it will not last long as the new ones and we can suffer from lot of problems if using old mattresses as they are the used ones and may contain germs and bacteria which are not seen with our eyes.


We get what we pay for:

Yes, this is true sometimes that while buying bad it cost us little expensive than that of cheaper ones but in this case, we don’t have to worry as because we are getting as much comfortable as much we are paying for it. And purchasing the cheaper one will lack in comfort and cannot last longer than that of expensive ones.


Thus by seeing all the tips, we can buy a good bed as well as mattresses for us so that we can take a comfortable sleep.