5 June 2017

Hometown Glory: I Love MCR 🐝


Location: Northern Quarter, Manchester, England

Last week I left my job as a barista where I'd met and worked with some really awesome and genuine people in a coffee shop placed in the bustling centre of town. I've left for a new career and a new chapter of my life, and I'd planned on putting together a photo diary of Manchester to express the fact that one door of my life is closing and another is opening - I couldn't have imagined that the city was about to change forever. Manchester is not only a beautiful place, but somewhere I am proud to call home, and if you've followed my blog for a while, you would have gotten the idea by now that I'm pretty proud to be here.

Manchester Town Hall
'Unity Is Strength' banner placed outside Manchester's Town Hall
Unity Is Strength

As a kid, I fondly remember my dad placing me high on his shoulders as we marched from The Toll Gate to Old Trafford to watch Manchester United play in the aptly named 'Theatre of Dreams'. As a thirteen year old, myself and my friends would jump on the train many a weekend to blow our pocket money on HMV and Topshop in Manchester's Arndale, and when I left school at sixteen, I made the decision to study at Xaverian, a vibrant sixth-form located behind Rusholme's famous curry mile. Every weekend we took bus rides across the city chasing some house party, somewhere, and if we couldn't find one well then you'd find us at The Academy or the Apollo, discovering some new band or hyperventilating because we'd finally got tickets to the artist we'd all idolised for the past year. Music has always been at the heart of Manchester, ringing out names such as Stone Roses, Oasis and The Smiths, as well as always welcoming artists from around the world to put on a party and bless our beloved scene.

Manchester Central Library
St. Peter's Square
Manchester Central Library
St. Peter's Square

I've felt overwhelmed with shock, sadness and anger. However, Manchester's response to such a barbaric attack has overcome me with pride, faith and helped this city to heal. The coffee shop I worked in is located in St. Anne's Square, where everyday as I've steamed milk and chit-chatted with the regulars I've witnessed six bunches of flowers grow into six hundred, and then six thousand, and God only knows how many now. I attended the vigil held at the town hall which. filled me with a true sense of belonging, and the term 'We Stand Together' has never meant more to me than it did that evening. I am proud to be from Manchester, proud to have grown up here, and proud to call it home. But more importantly, I am proud of Manchester, proud of the people, and proud of & its strength.

Vigil at Manchester Town Hall
Mancunians stand in solidarity at a vigil outside the town hall
Flowers at St. Anne's Square
A sea of flowers, cards and messages at St. Anne's Square

You can donate to the We ♥ MCR Emergency Fund, or since the dreadful attack in London on Saturday the British Red Cross have set up a UK Solidarity Fund to help those affected by terror attacks in the UK in the aftermath. We are stronger in unity and my thoughts and prayers are with everybody affected by the horrific events we have witnessed over the past few weeks.

We stand with Manchester, 
we stand with London, we stand together.✊❤️

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