7 May 2017

Things For Spring


Location: Nottingham Castle, Nottingham, England

A few weeks ago on a sunshine-filled Saturday in Nottingham, I visited my friend in the city centre. Whilst I was down there, I couldn't resist capturing the hazy blue sky and the vibrant blossom that surrounded me, and it reaffirmed the idea that amongst work and the chaos of life, springtime really is a dreamy period of the year. Back in Autumn, I posted my 'Autumn Bucket List', giving you guys a few ideas on how to make the most of the season, and mentioning that Spring and Autumn are the seasons which I favour. Spring for me has always felt like a fresh chapter, so I'm back with my bucket list of ideas which will hopefully inspire you to embrace the rest of this season! I hope you enjoy!

Visit a national park
Go to a farm
Enjoy a weekend afternoon in a beer garden
Drink cold coffees in the sun
Grab your camera and take some pretty shots
Take a trip to the beach


Purchase fresh flowers
Host a barbecue complete with music, drinks and a game of outdoor Twister!
Hold a tropical/beach themed party
Go on a picnic
Visit a fun fair
Go camping
Treat yourself to a weekend of Glamping
Go to a festival
Get your hands on a new perfume suited to the season
Grab some gorgeous soap or bath bombs from the Lush Spring range
Host an outdoor dinner party
Participate in a Colour Run


Take on a new challenge (A fun-run, Tough Mudder, marathon, cycle etc.)
Hit the gym and work on your summer body 
Get up earlier and make the most of those bright mornings
Make smoothies
Go to a drive-in movie
Host a cinema party in your back garden
Find a roof-top balcony to drink cocktails on

This season can be truly magical at times; I love the thick blossom confetti that blows in the wind; the touch of the breeze on a warm spring day. Hopefully you've found yourself a few cheeky ideas to occupy yourself with this season and don't forget - you can let me know what you're getting up to in the comment section below. Happy Spring everyone!

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