7 April 2017

Blossom & Blue Skies


Location: Fletcher Moss, Didsbury, Greater Manchester

It feels like absolutely ages since I properly sat down and 'blogged', never mind updated you guys with a journal post. After a little bit of a slow year last year, the cogs of 2017 are really starting to turn for me and I'm going through a lot right now - but still having lots of fun and getting extremely excited for what the future is going to throw at me. What is lovely on the side of all that is the fact that we are now well into April, and the trees are beginning to bloom once more with plumes of candy floss-like blossom against a backdrop of blue sky. Even walking to work has become one thousand times more pleasant - especially since I work in the city centre and the buildings look so beautiful and glowing on a sunny day. And so with my enthusiasm for Spring quite blatantly shining through, I thought I'd take this month's journal post as an opportunity to share all that I love about this season.

All The Colours
As much as I love the dramatic aspects of Autumn and Winter, there's nothing more uplifting than the array of colours that are brought out amongst the trees and flowers in Spring. I feel so much more positive with nature literally blooming all around me, and even though Manchester experiences its fair shares of grey skies, everything else underneath proves it's not so grim up north!


Bright Evenings
Lighter nights make walking home in the evenings feel so much nicer. I can see the city lights from the top of the hill I live on so much clearer, and the night just seems to wrap around me in a comforting kind of way (as opposed to Winter when all I want to do is sprint home and hide under my duvet cover).

Planning Adventures
There's something about this time of year that really motivates me to seize the day. I'd say I'm not the type of person that can sit still anyway, but with slightly better weather and the season almost presenting itself as a fresh chapter, everything feels like it's more in reach and adventures can be created out of very little at this time of year.

Completing My Spring Bucket List
Whether it's Easter baking, doing something fun in the great outdoors or just heading to the zoo, farm or for a picnic, Spring is the ideal opportunity to make the most of the little things. That's why this Spring I'm thinking as many activities and as much food, wine and disposable BBQ's outside as possible, please!

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