20 February 2017

Discovering Berlin

Berlin Cathedral

Location: Berlin Cathedral, Museum Island Berlin, Germany

Berlin. Before visiting, this was a city who's name I'd heard crop up in conversations about travel destinations many times, but I wasn't exactly sure why. I'd heard that Germany was a fantastic place to visit for many reasons; its quirks, its history, its fantastically cheap beer, but aside from being the capital, what was so great about Berlin? After a few days soaking up the sun and enjoying as many Beer steins as we could stomach in Amsterdam, a seven hour train journey with my boyfriend would lead me to finding out. We had struggled beforehand to find any accommodation within the city centre, due to a huge football match occurring on the upcoming weekend (bloody football). Fortunately, we managed to find a charming, albeit spider-invested, lodge situated just outside the centre in Grunewald Forest (although that's another story, which you can read all about here) and so after waking in a sunshine filled room surrounded by green trees, we hopped on the bus to explore.

Berlin Cathedral
Berlin Cathedral

This magnificent building is Berlin Cathedral, located on Museum Island which is a complex of museums to explore. As you can see, it was pretty beautiful to wander around here during summertime, where everyone was sprawled on the grass enjoying the weather. Berlin is full of incredible architecture as well as quirky displays of graffiti - the best example of this you can see at the East Side Gallery. When visiting Berlin, there is also an array of history that comes to life before you, and similar to what I experienced when going to Rome, it's almost hard to comprehend some of the historic events that happened here - especially when you can actually stand on the spot where it happened. Before leaving Berlin, as well as getting your money's worth of Kinder chocolate and amazingly-cheap beer, I'd highly recommend a trip to Hitler's bunker, and some time to reflect at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

Humboldt University
 One of Berlin's Oldest Universities
Französischer Dom
 Französischer Dom/French Cathedral 🇫🇷
The Spot of the Führerbunker
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
 Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe 🌹
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
Checkpoint Charlie Checkpoint Charlie - Best Known Berlin Wall Crossing Point During The Cold War
Lamp Post

You can get lost in a lot of stunning architecture and amazing history whilst discovering Berlin, but what makes the city even more significant are its modern day touches. Art covers the city in the form of posters, stickers and graffiti, every street becoming even more vibrant than the last. Everything in Berlin is very spaced out, and very big, but its words and pictures that grow on lamp posts, bridges and brick walls mean that it never feels lonely - just even more of a statement.

Coffee Shop
 The Wall of one of Berlin's many Coffee Shops 
Flip It Like It's Hot
East Side Gallery
Entering East Side Gallery 🎨
Love Locks
 Love Locks at East Side Gallery 🔒
East Side Gallery

After trekking around the city, we had seen Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Zoo, many incredible historical buildings, parks and streets, and filled ourselves up with Kinder chocolate and Haribo sweets. As you'll see above, as Haribo comes from Germany, they offer so many different varieties (it's heaven), everything from surfing, to sports, to ice cream, to nautical themed. Our teeth are probs still rotting from our time in Berlin. There really is so much to see and do in this incredible city, so if you haven't had a trip there yet - what are you waiting for? Oh and don't worry, we definitely got our money's worth on that cheap German beer, too.


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