22 February 2017

Sharing My Style

Sharing My Style

Location: Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens, Didsbury, Manchester

I'm the type of girl that will endlessly browse online retail websites for hours, saving various items into my basket, and never checking out. I try on clothes for fun when I go shopping, and probably spend far too much money on outfits I don't need - I'm on the brink of buying a second wardrobe! I'm not even somebody you would describe as a 'hoarder', I just love fashion and experimenting with new styles, as well as trying to reflect a little personality into my own. Naturally then, you would expect to see a lot of fashion posts on here, but sometimes I just lack the confidence to incorporate it into my blog. However, having dipped my toe into fashion blogging in the past, I'm back to share more of my outfits with you and show off my style.

Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden
Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden

The Shearling Jacket
One of my favourite jackets which I own right now is this gorgeous grey Shearling jacket. Shearling jackets seem to be just about everywhere at the moment, and a staple piece in many wardrobes for both men and women. I love how comfortable and cosy it is, yet chic and stylish, and I can transition from wearing it with a pair of leggings or jeans, to over a dress on those freezing cold evenings out. I snapped up this beauty for just £50 from TK Maxx, but you can find them just about anywhere right now.

Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden
Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden
Lace Skirt From Miss Pap

The Lace Up Skirt
Lace is on everything right now from tops to sweaters, to jeans and skirts, and is a nice little detail to any casual outfit. I found this black skirt on Miss Pap, and I especially love not just how it laces up, but the large pockets stitched into the front. I usually choose to pair this skirt up with some black tights and boots to dress up a casual daytime look as you can see here, but I think this skirt would also look great with a pair of strappy heels and a simple cropped top. You can still grab this skirt in a larger size at Miss Pap.

Michael Kors Watch

The Essential Accessory
Finally, I had to share with you guys my Michael Kors watch which I've been obsessing over ever since I received it as a Christmas present. I love how big and 'blingy' it is, with the detail of the stones around the face and the gold strap too. This has become a must-have accessory for me if I'm out in the evening or on the weekend, and I love how it just finishes off any outfit without having to layer on lots of jewellery - as for me I don't really like to wear a lot, just a few statement items. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed a little insight into my style right now as we transition from freezing cold winter to brisk Spring! What are your staple pieces and must haves right now? Let me know below and follow my social media for much more!

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