18 December 2016

DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping

DIY Gift Wrapping

One of my favourite things about the festive season certainly has to be the opportunity to fill up those cold Winter evenings with a bit of Christmas DIY. This year, instead of purchasing ready-made wrapping paper, I've decided to decorate my own using potatoes, pasta, and paint (hear me out). It does sound pretty Blue Peter up in here, but my aim was pretty wrapped gifts that show I put a bit of effort in. I love as well that authentic handmade feel to Christmas, with sewed tree decorations and baked gingerbread biscuits, there can be something wonderful about the simplicity of this time of year.

Potato Stamp
Christmas Tree Stamps

Potato Stamping
Perhaps you had a go at this as a kid, but I recently saw this idea doing the rounds on Pinterest and knew I had to try it for myself. Very simple to do, get your hands on some Christmas themed cookie cutters - I got mine for 99p from Home & Bargains. Purchase some large potatoes, they don't need to be full on jackets, just ensure that the cookie cutter can fit on the potato when you cut it in half.

Slice your potato in half, and taking one piece, push in your cookie cutter and carefully cut around the shape with a knife. This will create your 'stamp', which you can then paint with poster paints (I picked up some children's poster paint for just a few pounds) and stamp onto brown paper which you can buy from Hobbycraft or usually from a stationary retailer. Leave the paper out to dry overnight, and Voila! You have adorably decorated wrapping paper.

Gold Spray Paint
Pasta Bows
Pasta Bows
Pasta Bows

Pasta Bows
Another little random DIY idea I found browsing the internet one day, I thought this was a seriously cute way to spruce up and add a hint of glitz to your gifts, whilst still making them look authentically 'handmade'. Head to your local supermarket and get your hands on some Farfalle pasta - that's the one that comes in a bow shape, I got mine from Tesco for just 59p. 

Then, get yourself some spray gold paint, I picked up mine from Wilkinsons and it was just £1, and place your pasta on some newspaper to spray. Always read the instructions on the back of the spray can and always spray in a well-ventilated room, I just sprayed mine outside because I really can't take the smell of stuff like that. Then simply leave on the newspaper to dry overnight. Once your sparkly little pasta bows are ready, take some twine or string and tie your bows along before wrapping around your present!

Gift Wrapping
Gift Wrapping
Gift Wrapping

The Final Touches
Once everything had dried I got the presents wrapped up. As well as using my gold pasta twine, I also added a touch of sparkle by using gold ribbon, and finished each present off with an extra Christmas treat - a candy cane! Although the presents look extremely handmade (Lord knows what my parents will think of the pasta, lol) I think the presents look beautifully wrapped and will definitely stand out under the tree! Are you doing any of your own DIY gift-wrapping this year? Don't forget to share with me your projects and thoughts below!

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