2 December 2016

10 Things To Instagram This December

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December is a magical month with loads to enjoy and see. With lights draping the trees, glitter in every window and nature decorating the streets, it's no wonder your favourite Instagrammers may start to up their game and spread a little festive cheer on to your feed. It might seem like you need to venture to deer parks or set up your own photo shoot at your local shopping centre just to get some Insta-worthy festive pictures, but I've realised it's really easy to spruce up your feed with a Christmas theme. To help you out, I've put together a little list of festive ideas to make your Instagram lit AF this December. 

1. Your Coffee Cup
Costa, Starbucks and Cafe Nero make a habit of making pretty coffee cups during the festive season, which also look cute AF with an Instagram filter.

2. Woodland
If you're looking for a cheap and cheerful way to spend your lazy Sunday, a woodland walk can be the refreshing break you need. Share your shots of nature doing its thang.

3. Cozy Pitstop
Having lunch in a cafe that's decked out for Christmas? Snuggling up on some big, comfy leather couches in a coffee shop? Stick it on the 'gram.

4. Decorated Homes
If you spot a doorway with a pretty little wreath above the knocker or some snowflakes hung up in the window, it will make an adorable shot for Instagram... just don't go venturing up stranger's drives holding a camera.

5. Christmas Tree
There's nothing more festive to put on the feed than a tree with all the trimmings.

6. Lush Bath Art
If you've treated yourself to one of the bath ballistics from Lush Cosmetic's Christmas collection, share your seasonal bath art!

7. Christmas Market
With a selection of food, beers, twinkly lights, beers, wooden market stalls and beers, a few snaps at the markets will put everyone in the mood for a spot of market browsing, and a nice cold beer.

8. Fun Fair
Christmas usually brings with it all the fun of the fair. If you spot a carousel or a Ferris Wheel, get a picture and light up your feed.

9. Hot Chocolate Masterpiece
Make a hot chocolate in a clear glass, load it with squirty cream, marshmallows, and whatever other edible sweet shit you can get your hands on. Take a picture.

10. Candles
Candles create atmosphere and make you want to cuddle up in your duvet cover forever. Share your pictures of the candles you're lighting this season - just be sure to choose good lighting so it doesn't look like a seance, ya feel me?

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