1 December 2016

Christmas Is Coming!

Manchester Christmas Market

Location: German Christmas Market, St. Anne's Square, Manchester

Happy 1st December! It is time to get excited, because Santa is getting ready! I can't believe how quickly November has passed, I wanted to get a little more done but I've found it hard to cram everything in, which is strange because it usually seems to me like a long month. I've done the majority of my Christmas shopping though, I just need to grab a few more bits, and I've got some cute little plans for gift wrapping which I hope to share on the blog this month! Usually, I'm a total Scrooge and don't really get excited for Christmas until December, but this year I've been so hyped and I've even got my Christmas jumper washed, ironed and ready to go.

I had a lovely start to the month, celebrating Bonfire night and Luke and I's second (what!?) anniversary within the first week. For the 5th of November, we headed to Platt Fields, a big park located in Manchester which puts on a Bonfire and a spectacular firework display every year. I was really excited for it because the year before I'd stayed in, so it was good to get my boots on, get in the mud and go to the fun fair. Luke won me a penguin teddy and I treated myself to a bucket of candyfloss, so I felt like a big kid. Afterwards, we went to the pub and after a few gin and tonics (and some bad singing of Supersonic - we were still hyped over our October trip to the Oasis film at that point) we grabbed a Dominos. It was a pretty perfect evening all in all.

We celebrated our anniversary by heading to one of my favourite restaurants, a Mediterranean tapas restaurant which has incredible food and a lovely, cozy atmosphere. I always love our anniversary weekend as falls on Bonfire weekend, so there's always fireworks everywhere which makes it just that extra bit magical. We treated ourselves to all of the tapas (and me to ALL of the wine) and it was a great way to celebrate our two years - which have flown!

During November, I really embraced the cold weather, venturing out on a few autumnal walks and even visiting the Manchester Christmas Markets, something I usually leave until December. I absolutely loved having a German Cherry beer at the markets with a view of Santa Claus, and the food, as always, is absolutely incredible. If you're heading to the markets in Manchester this year, I highly recommend treating yourself to Schnitzel and potatoes - it's a-mazing. I've also been loving the ever so popular concept of 'Hygge', and the house is now full of fluffy blankets and big candles. I love getting on the sofa with a good book and a cup of tea, lighting my Yankee candles and snuggling up for the night. I also love to scroll Pinterest, and I've been getting tonnes of ideas for building gingerbread houses, decorating my own gift wrap, winter warmers I can cook and cute little DIY gifts to make. I am well and truly in the festive spirit!

Lastly, I was kindly invited to the Joanie Clothing Christmas event, at a gorgeous little tea room based in Manchester's Northern Quarter named Sugar Junction. I wasn't all too familiar with Joanie Clothing, but after browsing their collection at the event, I am in love! We also had a really good calligraphy class - which is a lot harder than it looks - and Christmas themed afternoon tea whilst Christmas songs played. It was one of my favourite evenings of the month, getting me even more excited for Christmas! 

To sum up, November has pretty much turned me into Will Ferrell in Elf. Are you in the festive spirit yet, or is it just not Christmas until you've got the tree up? Or, is your tree already up? Don't forget to let me know in the comment section below, and I hope you too have had a very cute and cozy November!

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