21 December 2016

Goals For 2017

Lyme Park, Cheshire

It feels so good to be writing '2017' as this year has been such a crazy one for me, full of ups and downs. I wrote a bit about that in my Year of the Fear post, but now I'm looking forward to the future and the 'fresh start' that accompanies a brand new year. I'm well aware that New Year's Day isn't exactly going to wipe the metaphorical slate of my life clean - and I wouldn't want it to. Everything I've done, particularly in this past year has made me stronger, better and tougher. I'm ready to embrace change and look to new horizons, so with a cup of tea in hand, I thought it was time to reflect and share my goals for the brand new year ahead...

If you are a frequent visitor to this blog, you've probably guessed by now that I love going abroad or just on an adventure. Next year, I have a pretty busy year planned but I really hope I can squeeze in a few cheeky trips away and I would love to go away either for my birthday in May or sometime during the summer, as well as a little Winter break (although that will all depend on time and money). I also really want to go camping next year, and at the very least, attend or work at a festival! I'm determined to have more experiences and see new places more than ever in 2017.

Start a Youtube channel
This is something I've had a crack at in the past and miserably failed. Starting a Youtube channel, however, has been something I've wanted to accomplish for a few years now, but haven't known where to begin. I don't want to waste my time creating boring content or just churning out videos for the sake of it, but if I stick to my goal of going on plenty of adventures next year, then maybe I can film a few diary style vlogs that you will enjoy. Also, I would love to know if there's anything you guys would love to see on the channel, whether it's about me, what I get up to or what products I like to use - all suggestions welcome!

Work Hard
I always try and put 100% into everything I do but this year has been so up and down because I've been focusing on trying to get my career on track. Now I feel like I have a definite direction, I just want to put my all in and work hard so that this time next year I can be super proud of what I've achieved. I'm all about going for my dreams, and 2017 is going to be my year!


Push my blogging
As well as beginning a Youtube channel, I really just want to push my content and keep making it as diverse and exciting as possible. My niche will always remain lifestyle and travel, but I'd love to shoot some fashion posts in some cool locations and share with you guys my sense of style and just well...more of me. If anyone in the Manchester area is ever up for a blogger's meet up to take pictures and hang out - do let me know in the comments! I'm desperate for a photographer who can make me feel sassy or at the very least have a laugh for the day.

Social Media
With blogging comes an essential: social media. I'd love to finally smash past my 1,000 followers on Instagram target, and I really feel like my Instagram has got a LOT better in the last year too, thankfully! I'd also love to smash 1,000 followers on Twitter, and if I could just get up to 100 followers on Facebook, I think that would make my whole 2017! I'm going to continue to make blogging friends and get involved with the community, so if you wanna be friends, you know where to find me.

Finish my 'Booket' List
This year I set myself a goal of reading 20 books, but I'm definitely not making it by new years eve. I have gone through ups and downs with reading between being busy, working, job hunting and the rest. In 2017, I have LOTS of books to read, both for work and personal time, so I have no doubt I'll reach my target of reading 20 books next year (or at least have a good stab at it!)

That's it for my 2017 goals - I feel motivated already! I hope you've enjoyed this post and I think it's going to be really interesting over the next twelve months to see how I do! Have you got any goals for the upcoming year? Don't forget to share them with me in the comment section below, and remember you can keep up to date with all my adventures by following my social media!

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