20 November 2016

My Favourite Christmas Memories

Berry Trifle Yankee Candle

Christmas lies just five weeks away and so amongst the Christmas shopping and stocking up on treats for December, it's time to start preparing my home for the most wonderful time of the year! Debenhams contacted me asking if I'd light some of their Christmas scented Yankee Candles and share with my readers some of my favourite Christmas memories. From sitting by the fire, to running around in the snow, I've had some magical Decembers, so I thought I'd get my Christmas songs playing, put on some Christmas movies and reminisce about what makes this time of year so special to me.

Yankee Candle Holiday Party Gift Set
Yankee Candle Holiday Party Gift Set
Love Actually
Yankee Candle Festive 5 Votive Christmas Gift Set
Yankee Candle Festive 5 Votive Christmas Gift Set

Preparing my home for Christmas means digging out the Christmas decorations and putting up the tree, complete with glitter baubles and golden tinsel. I love coming home to a living room which resembles Santa's grotto, and this important winter ritual reminds me of being at primary school, creating decorations to take home and give to my parents. They would always insist on hanging them up around the house, despite the fact they were made out of things like pasta shells and pipe cleaners. 

I fondly remember spray painting pine cones silver and gold and sticking sequins to them, before gluing them onto cardboard toilet rolls cut in half to create miniature Christmas trees. We also used to fold up A4 pieces of paper and cut triangles to make mesmerizing snowflakes for the windows, and use felt tips and glitter glue to make Christmas cards that would rival Art Attack. My favourite creation, however, was the plastic cup snowman. You would turn an empty plastic cup upside down, fill it with sweets and cover the lid with cellophane.Then you would stick bunches of cotton wool to make a snowman, adding a hat, eyes, orange nose and a scarf using coloured card. They were so much fun to make and made the best Christmas presents, and I always remember carrying it home proudly after school!

Yankee Candle Festive Votive Christmas Gift Set
Let It Snow
Christmas Memories

As I've grown up, every Christmas I've enjoyed treating myself to films and books to curl up with as the dark evenings draw in. Most years on Christmas Eve, if I'm not at the pub swapping presents and clinking glasses, you can find me watching Love Actually or The Holiday - both films that I cry at no matter how many times I watch them! I also love to get a hot bubble bath, put on some fresh pyjamas, make hot chocolate and get on my sofa with a duvet and a book!

On Christmas day I get up early and stay in my pyjamas until about midday whilst I open presents, drink copious amounts of tea and listen to music. I always put on something glittery to wear before helping to set the table with the 'nice' cutlery and best crackers, then sit down to a huge meal and a lot of alcohol - now in my twenties, I relish in being able to have as much wine as I like and not be told off for it by my family! There's always some sort of box of chocolates going around along with mince pies, a yule log and endless other Christmas desserts that everyone insists on bringing - which of course are never finished. The day ends with me lying in a food coma in front of the TV - and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Christmas Bauble Wreath
Yankee Candle
Yankee Candle

My final Christmas memory is a poignant one which resonates with me every year. It was Christmas 2010, I was 17 years old and it was a time where everything felt exciting. I knew that in the new year, I was entering a new chapter where I would turn 18, finish college, move away and begin studying at university. I was looking ahead, and Christmas felt extra magical that year. That December consisted of parties and presents, but it particularly stands out for me because it snowed. On Christmas Day, I and my Dad looked out of the window and saw gentle, wispy white flakes floating down into the garden. Of course, like I had as a kid, I raced out to play in the snow before coming back inside and warming up by the fire. For the rest of the Christmas holidays, I went on the most spectacular winter walks, played out in the snow and met my friends to go sledging down the hills that surround our town. On the cusp of adulthood, yet still young enough to act childish, that Christmas was by far one of my favourites.

Yankee Candle Tea Light Advent Calendar
All Is Bright Yankee Candle

How will you be decorating your home this Christmas? Will you be lighting any Christmas scented Yankee candles this year? I'd love to know what your favourite scents are and read some of your favourite Christmas memories below! This post was in collaboration with Debenhams & Yankee Candle but all views are my own. If you'd like to know more please visit my disclaimer.

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