14 September 2016

Ghana | Friends In Bolgatanga

Location: Bolgatanga, Upper Eastern region of Ghana, West Africa

For my last little photo diary of my time in Ghana (which you can view here) I shared with you guys some of the typical sights I saw living in the vivid town of Bolgatanga. From fluffy chicks running around my feet as I ate lunch, to dancing at business meetings, you're never bored or without a friend in Bolga! With that in mind, this time around I thought I'd share some pictures of my fellow volunteers who I worked with on my twelve-week placement, and some of the friends I made during my time over there. The purpose of these little photo diaries is just to give you a sense of what Ghana is really like. When people think of a developing country, or maybe even Africa, poverty and a hard kind of life may be the first things that come to mind. Although I admit I went out there to help eradicate poverty, I also discovered happiness, joy, and friendship, and I hope this little diary proves how warm and welcoming Ghana truly was.

The last picture here shows our team who worked together on the Trade Aid project during our twelve-week placement, and our colleague Conrad who came to see us as we finished things up and celebrated our achievements. It was a mixture of emotions for me when I left Ghana, I couldn't wait to get back to England and to my 'normal' life, but something in me had changed. I miss everyone that I was volunteering with out there, and can't wait to hopefully go back to Bolgatanga one day! 

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