14 August 2016

Fashion & Freedom

Location: Manchester Art Gallery, Mosley Street, Manchester

I'd being dying to go to the Fashion and Freedom exhibition, along with the Vogue100 exhibition held at Manchester Art Gallery ever since I'd heard about them both at the start of summer. Both exhibitions are absolutely incredible, if you're a lover of fashion and live in Manchester, they are essential to attend this summer. Fashion and Freedom is part of a project using art to connect people with the First World War, and the exhibition features incredible designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Holly Fulton and Emilia Wickstead to name just a few. If you'd like to find out more about the project, you can visit the Fashion & Freedom website here for more information.

The Exhibition
The exhibition begins with outfits from the First World War period on to the 1920's, which often shows how restricting, confining and heavy the structure and the materials used were for women. It then transgresses to feature both designer's pieces on their interpretations and student's creations. Students from various art schools and universities across England responded to either the theme of Restriction in the pre-War era or the theme of Release in the post-war era. The results are mesmerizing, and the gallery has displayed a video at the exhibit where each student has given their take on the subject, how they created their outfit and why.

Fashion and Freedom is a great interpretation on how far women have come in terms of equality as well as their role in society, and the changes in society women were adjusting to during such a game-changing and notable period. It features brilliant pieces well worth seeing, with an insight into how women dressed and lived during the First World War. The exhibition runs until the 27th November 2016 and is free!

For more information about the project, designers and more, 
visit the website www.fashionandfreedom.org

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