5 July 2016

Mini-breaking in the Lake District

Boats lined up on Lake Windermere

Location: Bowness-on-Windermere, Cumbria, England

Since I'm unemployed and have just spent a quarter of the year in West Africa, this summer it wasn't really on the cards for a swanky holiday to Santorini to sip cocktails and Instagram the views you know? But c'est la vie, maybe next year. That said, I and my boyfriend did manage to book a mini-break to Bowness-on-Windermere located in the BEAUTIFUL Lake District. Seriously, fresh air, green leaves, quaint English countryside, FLUFFY, EXCITED DOGS THAT ARE ALLOWED OFF THEIR LEASH. It's the British dream. Also, I realised, I haven't even shared any trips or adventures with you guys since I got back from Ghana and this is supposed to be a god damn lifestyle & TRAVEL blog. I suck. So, please accept my apology along with this cheeky lil photo diary of my trip.

The view from the Langdale Pikes
The Lake at Langdale Pikes, Cumbria
At Langdale Pikes in the Lake District

Climbing the Langdale Pikes
Well, Luke and I popped on our boots and rucksacks and made a packed lunch because we so cute (ham sandwiches and Dairylea Dunkers FTW) and feeling like I was embarking on a school trip we headed, looking and feeling the part, to commence on our trip up the Langdale Pikes. Note to self: YOU CAN NEVER OVER PREPARE. We got up pretty easily but the trail is uneven and steep which didn't help with all the refreshing summer rain lashing down. I can't complain too bad though as the walk was totally worth the view and at the top, there is a beautiful little lake with DUCKS. After attempting to get higher and seeing that that part of the trail was reserved for basically Action Man, we decided to head back down. It was a top day out, but I would recommend if you are thinking of taking on a walk to research your route first. Apparently, a map is not enough.

Sunset at Lake Windermere, England
View of Lake Windermere in the evening

Sunsets on Lake Windermere
There isn't much better than strolling to the local for a cold, bubbly pint with this as your backdrop. It's peaceful and gentle and you get some serious Pinterest-worthy views and if you want to enjoy the lake away from all the madness of tourists tormenting the swans, I'd definitely recommend heading down there after hours.

View of Lake Windermere and the boats
Our boat trip across Lake Windermere to the Aquarium
Lake Winderemere casino game

Boats 'n' shows
Apart from cooking and eating our body weight in food and slobbing on the sofa of an evening watching TV shows, we filled up the days with bus journeys to other villages and wandering around the little streets lined with the cutest of shops. We also enjoyed a boat trip to the aquarium and watched England get thrashed by Iceland over a few pints in the local pub (FFS). We went to see The Secret Life of Pets at an old, remote cinema (Gidget is my spirit animal) and even splashed our loose coins on trying to win key rings and hook ducks at the local casino!

Sarah Nelson's Grasmere Gingerbread

One of my favourite places we visited was a charming little village called Grasmere, which is home to Sarah Nelson's Grasmere Gingerbread, so basically the inventor of gingerbread. If you do visit the village it's a popular tourist attraction situated in a small cottage and there's loads of other dessert-themed foods to check out even if you're not a gingerbread fan (but seriously, who isn't?). You can have a gander at the website for more info here. Grasmere is also the home of the poet William Wordsworth's grave, located at St. Oswald's church, which is also a notable spot to go and have a look at.

I've got serious post-Lake District blues now I'm back in the city but I loved the trip and would definitely go back. If you liked my photo diary you can view more on my Instagram @sweetsevenfive, and if you want to read about another fancy English break, have a look at my trip to Edale, Derbyshire.

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