13 July 2016

Ghana | Living In Bolgatanga

Location: Upper East Region, Ghana, West Africa 

You may be aware that earlier this year, I headed out to Ghana for three months to live and volunteer there with a charity. I was living in a town called Bolgatanga, which is situated in the Upper Eastern region of the country and is known for its beautiful crafts which include making products out of leather and basket weaving. Bolgatanga is a small but lively town, filled with shops and businesses, and it's pretty common to see a herd of geese or a line of pigs cross your path as you're walking! Food is sold commonly on the street, and you can get yourself rice and red-red, plantain, beans, fish and Jollof, all foods which are pretty delicious and will fill you up. I was in Ghana between January and April, just before the rainy season arrived, and the weather was scorching - although I did experience a tiny bit of rainfall towards the end of my stay which was heavenly! To give you a better idea of my time over there, I've decided to put together a little photo diary of my time living in the flamboyant little town of Bolgatanga.

I hope you enjoyed these snaps which for me, represent everyday life in the town of Bolga. Have you volunteered abroad before? Or have you moved to a new place that was crazy different to anywhere you'd ever been before? Let me know in the comment section below!

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