3 June 2016

The Best Affordable Cruelty-Free Beauty

Real Techniques Brushes

When my parents were my age, they met up with their friends by organising a time and place in advance and turning up on the day. If you weren't there, you weren't there. No phone call, text, Whatsapp or Snapchat for the person to see if you were 5 minutes away or still in the shower. Do you know how much anxiety the thought of that gives me? Thankfully, we're not in medieval times anymore, and if you want to talk to someone, or find out a key piece of information, it's only a tap of a fingertip away. It's no wonder then that our generation is becoming more aware of how we are harming our animals and our earth, and what we can do to stop this. One of the things I have decided to work towards over the past year is transforming my make-up routine to completely cruelty-free. I've got a bit of a way to go yet, but I've decided to a compile a short list of a few of my favourite affordable cruelty-free make-up brands.

Real Techniques Core Collection: Boots 

Real Techniques Makeup Brushes
Real techniques brushes are of course 100% cruelty-free and a great addition to your make-up bag. I love the feel of these brushes, they're easy to wash and really affordable and reasonable in price. The brushes work to really enhance your look and you can find tips from Sam and Nic over on their website!

Lush Cosmetics Emotional Brilliance
For me the Lush Cosmetics make-up range is something that's really grown on me, and has developed I feel in leaps and bounds. Many people have been unaware that Lush actually sell make-up however, the range is perfect to create that natural look, and from liquid lipsticks and eyeliners to colour supplements, there's something for everyone. The Feeling Younger skin tint for a natural glow and the Light Pink Colour Supplement for when I don't feel like heaping on a lot of foundation and concealer are just two of my favourite products. If you haven't tried the range before, pop into your local Lush and have a play today!

NYX Illuminator Ritualistic: ASOS

NYX Cosmetics
Where do I begin with NYX? An insanely affordable professional make-up brand that makes great products such as their Illuminator and Soft Matte Lip Cream, I am obsessed with NYX lately and it's just the cherry on top that they are proudly and completely cruelty-free!

Barry M Cosmetics
Barry M are cruelty-free - something I was completely unaware of until recently, although in their statement they mention they are not vegan. It is important to bear in mind that whilst many make-up products may not test on animals, a lot of products might use ingredients such as beeswax and so can not be guaranteed as a vegan. If this is something that affects you it's of course always best to do your research. Barry M are of course another cheap grab when you need a poppin' nail polish, but their cosmetics have been found in my make-up collection for years and are great when it's nowhere near payday but you don't want to compromise on good quality cosmetics.

More and more brands seem to be pledging for cruelty-free which is a great step, and one that needs to be supported by us as consumers! There are loads on the issue when I searched the matter on Google, but if in doubt you can refer to a brand's FAQ page, or just pop in store and ask them in person!

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