20 June 2016

Contour & Coverage

Contour Kit

Looking for an everyday foundation & contour kit for under £20? Oh honay-nay, then you've come to the right place. Recently I was looking for a foundation that was cheap and cheerful but still gave me full coverage and didn't make my combination skin as greasy as a take-away pizza - which proved hard. I also wanted to find a nifty little contour kit that didn't break the bank, and I succeeded, so I wanted to give a review of these two handy lil products plus tell you why I love them so much!

Bourjois Foudation

As mentioned I do experience quite oily, spot-prone skin when I don't look after it, so I have a really strict skincare routine and try to avoid wearing make-up every day. It can be hard to find a foundation that gives full coverage and doesn't make my skin look dewy or oily, so when trying a new foundation I am always weary, and like to use it for a couple of days to really get an idea of how it lasts throughout the day. Unlike a lot of other budget foundations I've tried, Bourjois gives full flawless coverage and you don't need to use a lot, and using a foundation brush and beauty blender, I've found it really easy to blend and set on my skin. I also love that it gives a lovely glow which makes it the perfect base for contouring and highlighting.

Seventeen Contour Kit
Seventeen Contour Kit

This little kit is brilliant for packing and is great for any beginner wanting to try the art of contouring. It comes with a handy little guide and mirror, and the shades are beautifully natural for using on your skin. The kit seems to last me ages as well, and you don't need to go crazy with the application. This kit is just £5.99 and SEVENTEEN is a brand, similar to NYX, that do affordable and professional products so anyone can have a go! If you're looking to try contouring, or need to top up but haven't reached payday, I would highly recommend this product. I also love to use this kit with SEVENTEEN'S Instant Glow Shimmer Brick, which is long lasting and super affordable.

Seventeen Contour Kit

I really feel like when applying make-up, what you put on your skin itself is one of the most important things as you want to feel confident that you have great coverage. I know I feel ten times more confident on a date or at a job interview knowing I'm not fashioning any dark circles, spots or scars so a foundation that does its job properly and well is a must for me. Contouring can also work in your favour to enhance cheek bones, and define the parts of your face you want defined! Finding two excellent products that do all this, and cost under £10 each - well that's a total winner for me! Have you tried these products before? Let me know below, and if you like this post you may want to read about some of my favourite cruelty free beauty brands

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