25 May 2016


If you can dream it you can do it

If you follow me on my social media accounts (@sweetsevenfive) or this blog regularly you'll probably know that last Saturday it was my birthday. As it turns out, nobody actually likes you when you're twenty-three (according to Blink 182) but before you decide, I thought I'd let you get to know a little more. I have had this blog for ten months now and yet I still don't feel like many readers know that much about me. So I decided to share with you twenty-three facts about myself to commemorate my big 'two three'!

1. I was a massive geek at primary school and won lots of awards including a 'Reading Relay'.
2. I'm terrified of spiders, and I'm not keen on heights or broken glass.
3. I did acting, singing and dance lessons for eight years, but quit when I was sixteen.
4. I have one tattoo. It's a bird on my left thigh which I got when I was twenty. It's one of my favourite parts of my body!
5. I've had my belly button pierced for ten years this year - I've also got my rook and anti-helix, as well as my ear lobes, pierced. I used to have my right nipple pierced too (which not many people know... until now!)

6. My first job was in a call centre. I've also worked in a pie kiosk (something my friends love to bring up) at a rugby stadium, as a barmaid and waitress at a pub and as a bath bomb queen for Lush Cosmetics.
7. I have one cat called Mr Fluff. He loves to be picked up and cuddled as well as brushed.
8. When I was little I was obsessed with swimming and wanted to be an Olympic swimmer when I grew up. Now in my twenties, I've become delusional and convinced myself I am in fact a mermaid...so I'm half way there.
9. This year I went to live and work in a developing country for three months - it's one of the hardest but best things I've ever done!
10. I met my best friend on the first day of secondary school in French class. We've been best friends for ten years this year.

11. I watch Coronation Street religiously.
12. My birthday is May 21st and I share it with one of my favourite rappers, Christopher Wallace (The Notorious B.I.G).
13. One of my favourite things to do is watch Disney films and I'm obsessed with Disney princesses.
14. My favourite colour is lilac.
15. I have a confident and bubbly personality but can come across as shy when first meeting people.

16. I'm allergic to oranges.
17. I'm an only child.
18. I studied English at university, graduating with a 2:1.
19. I've volunteered for three charities, and I love being a good Samaritan. :)
20. My first crush was a tie between Gareth Gates and the fit one out of Blazin' Squad.
21. I've visited ten countries.
22. I was born and raised in Greater Manchester and I also lived in Liverpool for three years.
23. I'm on the organ donor register.

So reader, there you have my twenty-three facts! Hopefully, you feel like you know me a little better, and if there's anything you feel you can relate to or have any questions please pop a comment below! Thank you for reading!

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