17 May 2016

The Birthday Bucket List

Nook Coffee Shop Heaton Moor

Location: Nook Neighbourhood Coffee, Heaton Moor, Greater Manchester

On Saturday it was my birthday, so the celebrations were stretched across the whole weekend! Friday I had dinner with my parents and boyfriend, Saturday I spent most of the day at my Grandma's and Saturday night I went for drinks with my closest friends. Sunday revolved around lunch and coffee - and sheltering from the insane afternoon storm. After recovering from all the celebrations, it's now sinking in that I'm twenty-three - yikes! As I find myself often doing on my birthday, I started to reflect on my achievements. As I look to the year ahead, I have loads of plans and goals that I want to go for,  but focusing on what I've already accomplished I decided to devise a bucket list of things that I ticked off during my twenty-second year! I can't believe how much I've done since May 2015 and it really shows you just how much you can do in a year!

✓ Interrailed around Europe
✓ Visited Anne Frank's house
✓ Drank a pint at the Heineken Experience
✓ Visited East Side Gallery (the Berlin wall)
✓ Visited Sigmund Freud's home
✓ Stayed in Vienna
✓ Visited the Mozard Memorial statue
✓ Stayed in the town Christopher Columbus was born in
✓ Stayed in Rome
✓ Visited the Colosseum
 Been to the Roman Forum 
✓ Touched a crocodile
✓ Stayed in Venice
✓ Went up the Eiffel Tower
 Been inside Notre Dame

✓ Visited Blue John Mines
✓ Climbed Mam Tor
✓ Camped on a farm
✓ Travelled to Africa
✓ Lived and worked in a developing country
✓ Stayed with an African family 
✓ Seen Kygo live
✓ Seen the third oldest clock in the world (oldest that still works)
✓ Been to Prague
✓ Tried Schnitzel
✓ Eaten African and Ghanaian dishes
✓ Visited Pikworo slave camp
✓ Swam in a lake
✓ Slept in the middle of the woods
✓ Visited Sacre Couer in Paris
✓ Been to Prague castle and inside of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague
✓ Visited York
Fundraised over £800
✓ Ran a campaign
✓ Held a fundraising event
✓ Started a blog
✓ Became an owner of a star

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