11 April 2016

You'll Know You're In Manchester Because...

Manchester, England

Location: Exchange Square, Manchester, England

Born and bred up north, after a little while away from not just my city but a decent cup of tea and that beautiful accent, being back has got me appreciating Manchester more than ever. From Old Trafford to Coronation Street, we're world famous and have more gems to offer than a treasure chest, so what is it that makes us northern monkeys so great? And how do you know when you've met one? 

We're straight to the point.
Your fella has cheated on you but it was just a kiss in a club, and he was well drunk and he doesn't even know the girl, and he definitely won't be seeing her again, but even so you could do with a girlie chat. You know, you just need a bit of advice on whether or not you should take him back and all that. Well don't worry, a true Mancunian won't just tell you to leave the moron, they'll probably tell him where to go themselves, and be ready with a box of tissues and Tinder re-downloaded for you to find yourself a true Prince Charming - no worries our kid.

We'll always quench your thirst.
There's one single perfect phrase you'll hear when venturing up north, and in Manchester, creating this mood-boosting beverage is like bloody meditation for us. The whistle of the kettle is what sounds like home, the kick of the caffeine will put you at ease: our favourite phrase here in this city? 'D'ya want a brew?'

We know how to do music.
Alright London so you gave us Busted and Chas and Dave, but don't try and mess with Manchester's music scene, we've produced the likes of Oasis, Courteeners, M People, 1975, The Stone Roses and The Smiths, plus from the Academy and the Ritz, to the Apollo and the M.E.N Arena, there's always a gig to attend that showcase everything from the big acts to the underground prodigies on their way to fame. If looking for something to do in the city, attend a gig - we'll teach you how to start a mosh pit at an R&B concert.

Football is religion.
Even if you weren't particularly brought up around football, you'll know about it in Manchester. Chanting men, Walkers crisps, the pings on the fruit machine, the smile of a bar lady and the ultimate anthem, 'Three Lions', were the landmarks of many Mancunian's childhoods. On match day, the pubs are full of roaring football fans and you'll often see swarms of men parading around the city center, so don't try and moan about it or contend. Match day is a holy day, Derby Day our Christmas - you don't care whether the city is blue or red? If you've got a few Mancs on Facebook, you will by the end of it.

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We're dead cultured.
There are loads to see, do and learn about in the city. For starters, there's the awesome futuristic landmark known at the Urbis that is a proud home to the National Football museum and situated right in the heart of the city. We've also got the epic Manchester museum at the University of Manchester, plus after a £15m renovation, Whitworth Art Gallery has gone from strength to strength earning more visitors and bagging itself Museum of the Year 2015. From the quirky Northern Quarter with gems such as Afflecks Palace, to our yearly events such as the Christmas Markets and Chinese New Year, there are loads of awesome sights to see in this beautiful city.

We're totally D.T.D (Down To Drink).
If fancying/needing something a little stronger than a cup of tea, then don't worry, a true Manc is always up for a pint. With an array of bars and pubs, from Deansgate to Fallowfield, there's always a beer garden or a pool table just waiting to welcome you. When a single ray of sunshine marking the one week of British summertime peeks out, whether it's on our lunch break at work or a Saturday afternoon revolving around a bottle of wine, we'll be right there waiting, with our shades and shirts on convincing ourselves we're in Spain.

We're basically fish.
Yes we can drink like them, and with the amount of rain we endure, we will probably evolve one day to have gills too. We always come equipped with a hood and a brolly and we can make it through a thunderstorm as you know, Mancs are well hard. Plus if you don't want to face the tsunami that is our weather forecast, there are stagecoaches and magic buses everywhere to squeeze on to and save yourself.

We know how to party.
Having a few friends round your house this weekend? We'll crash it, turn it into a rave, and make it the most epic party of the summer (until next weekend arrives). The thing with Mancunians is we're all so friendly, we'll give you a can, roll you a cig, and you won't even be mad at us for turning up - even if you don't know our name. If there are  no parties going on in the area (or they've all been shut down by police) then head to town where you'll find a range of venues to choose from including Sankeys, Black Dog Ballroom, Bijou, Revolution De Cuba and G.A.Y to name just a few. Once home to the world famous Hacienda, Mancunians know how to party, after all, our generation was taught by the best.

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