22 March 2016

Berlin | Sleeping In The Woods

Grunewald Forest, Berlin

Location: Grunewald Forest, Berlin, Germany 

When Luke and I were searching for a hostel in Berlin (okay, just Luke, I was lay around painting my nails or something), it turned out there was some massive super-important football match going on in the city - which meant? No room at the Inn. Any Inn. Anyway, not giving up hope, Luke started to search further afield and found this little 'eco lodge' called Jetpak, situated on the outskirts of the city in Grunewald forest. A cute cabin in the woods? It sounded ideal (plus it was cheap and we had no choice).

First error we made was the train from Amsterdam to Berlin. We definitely DIDN'T look at the map properly (thanks GCSE Geography) because our estimate was give or take four hours to get there. SEVEN HOURS LATER with very stiff necks, we'd made it. WE'D SURVIVED. Into the centre of Berlin we had arrived... now it was time to find our hostel. So. Two buses later, it was dark and we looked very vulnerable - two 20-somethings with all our belongings on our back. Hey robbers, we're over here! Those two English speaking kids who have no clue where they're going. Eventually though, thanks to our super map skills (and risky guessing games) we found the avenue that lead to the forest. We were close.

Now reader. Picture trees strewn with fairy lights, little birds fluttering around singing sweet melodies, a place that could so easily be enchanted by fairies. Well it was nothing like that. Pitch black, kinda feeling like we were in that cheesy, gory horror movie set in the woods (Wrong Turn - sick film) a dark wood at 10 o' clock at night, just the two of us, had my ears ringing with blood pumping. Were we in a horror movie? Am I going to die? Time to find out, lol.

Grunewald Forest, Berlin

We eventually reached a gate, creeking it open stood a lodge and next door, a small house. We saw that the lodge had no lights on and nobody seemed to be inside - weird - so there was one thing left to do. We knocked on the house and after a very loud dog barking for a minute or two, and Luke preventing me from running away, a woman answered the door. "Hello, I was expecting you earlier! Nobody is coming until Saturday when the football is on. Here are your keys". A massive wave of relief hit me and after settling down in our room, we awoke the next morning to bird song, green trees and a stream of gold pouring into our window. Apart from the massive German spiders (who were our friends really) it wasn't too shabby at all.

Something I overheard one night when I was staying on a campsite in Italy, was a guy, in I'd say his 40s talking to another man and saying "you could shut the curtains in a 5 star hotel, could be anywhere in the world. It's not the same as this, you don't get the experience that you get with this". And he was completely right. So I didn't have room service or a four poster bed or a spider free room, and yeaaaah I kinda thought I was gonna die the first night I arrived, but by pushing ourselves we woke up to the sun streaming through trees in the middle of a forest in Germany. That to me is five star, and the rest.

Jetpak offers a breakfast buffet every morning including tea, coffee, toast and cereal. There are two bathrooms - one for men and one for women complete with toilet and shower cubicles. Jetpak also has a common room complete with computers to use, free wi-fi and T.V. Linen and towels are included as well as lockers and luggage storage. Just watch out for the spiders. The woman who runs Jetpak is absolutely lovely and also has the most amazing dog. Find out more about Jetpak here.

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