26 February 2016

Ghana | Market Day In Bolgatanga

Location: Bolgatanga Market, Ghana, West Africa

Market day in Bolgatanga occurs every three days, and it's full with everything from meat, spices, fruit and vegetables, to clothes, shoes and sunglasses. It's pretty funny hearing 'Solmia!' shouted at us constantly as we wander around (which means white person) and we get a LOT of attention being foreigners. Everyone however, in true Ghanaian style, is super friendly. Here are a few of my snaps taken from the Bolga market, from the products to the people, as well as a couple of side street views for good measure. I hope these will not only reflect the market, but also a little bit of Ghanaian culture!

If wanting to truly immerse yourself into the culture and way of life of Bolgatanga, a trip to your market is a must. There's a range of things available to buy and you can see how people live as well as what they sell, and it's probably one of the best places to feel at home there! The market in Bolga is open every three days.

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