1 January 2016

Adventures Of 2015

Adventures of 2015

Happy New Year! If you recently posted your #2015BestNineto Instagram, which displays your top nine photographs based on the number of likes, then like me you may be feeling a little nostalgic. Instead of sharing my best nine from my account back in 2015, I thought I'd start the year by showing you my Best Nine adventures from 2015... as seen on Instagram. 

Location: England, Liverpool, Albert Dock
February 2015 and Valentines weekend in Liverpool. It was me and my boyfriend's first Valentines day together so we thought we could do something extra special for the occasion and visit one of my favourite cities: Liverpool. We spent the Saturday at the World Museum in the insect house, the aquarium and looking through the various exhibitions before having a coffee in the centre. When we got back to the hotel, Luke had a rose, a box of chocolates and a bottle of champagne waiting. That evening we had a meal and some drinks at Albert Dock and the day was perfect! The Sunday we spent exploring Liverpool and visiting Central Perk, the Friends inspired cafe in the heart of Liverpool, to enjoy some coffee and watch a few episodes.

Location: Netherlands, Amsterdam, The Heineken Experience
In 2015 I visited Amsterdam for the first time, something I've wanted to do for years. I crammed a lot into the time I was there, including visiting the Anne Frank Museum, exploring the shops and streets, and taking a tour around The Heineken Experience. The museum tells you everything you could possibly want to know about Heineken and lets you have a taste too. We even took a free boat tour afterwards to the gift shop where we claimed our free pint glass.

Location: Germany, Berlin, Grunewald Forest
During June 2015, Luke and I travelled to Berlin but struggling to find a hostel to stay in, we found ourselves booking a lodge in the middle of Grunewald forest. It turned out to be one of the best ideas, away from the city, it was a completely unique experience and something I'd definitely try out again. It was amazing to wake up to sun streaming through trees into the window every morning. 

Location: Italy, Rome, Vatican City
Dreams can come true! 2015 was the year I finally got to go to Rome and visit Vatican city. St. Peter's Basilica was the highlight for me, but the whole experience was mesmerising. It's a unique place and somewhere you can get completely lost in, even if you aren't religious. I'd definitely recommend popping this on to your travel bucket list if it isn't already.

Location: Italy, Rome, The Coliseum 
The Coliseum was another remarkable place I visited whilst in Rome, and for such little money, it was well worth going. The views are spectacular, and I could hardly believe I was standing in something that had first opened in 80 AD. WHAT?

Location: Italy, Pisa, The Leaning Tower of Pisa
Okay, Italy is making quite a lot of my highlights but only because it was so incredible, and also, I visited far too many places in 2015 to pick just 9. Pisa is up there because it was a spontaneous adventure, we had to kill a few days somewhere so that's where we chose. I never really thought I'd visit the leaning tower of Pisa so the fact that I did is pretty awesome. 

Location: France, Paris, Eiffel Tower
Well, of course, this was top of my list. Paris, end of June, and it was absolutely beautiful. One of the best places I've been too, the night I took this photograph me and my boyfriend had gone to the supermarket and bought bread, cheese, chocolate, crisps and anything else we could snack. We sat on the grass of a warm Saturday evening and watched the sunset. It was one of my favourite evenings of 2015 by far.

Location: England, Derbyshire, Edale
In September I went on my first ever camping trip to Edale. We packed all our things on our back, took the train and stayed two nights on an adorable little farm, our tent pitched by cows and sheep and chickens running around. We enjoyed a walk to Mam Tor (a very large and notable hill) and went on a tour of Blue John Mines. We also enjoyed pints and meals in traditional country pubs and walks by streams and sheep. It was delightful!

Location: England, Didsbury, Fletcher Moss
Home sweet home, near enough. Not too far from my house is one of my favourite places to go to clear my head, chill, or simply enjoy the turning of seasons. This last picture was taken on my iPhone around October-November 2015 when Autumn was in full swing and the leaves had coated the pond below in a fiery blaze of orange. I love travelling and seeing the world, but nothing beats coming home.

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