6 December 2015

Manchester Loves Christmas

Fireworks at Manchester Town Hall

Location: Manchester Town Hall, Manchester City Centre

Pictured above is the epic fireworks that helped bring in the beginning of Christmas, officially here in Manchester! With Santa back up on the Town Hall's roof, colours lit up the sky to get everybody into the festive spirit. Along with this yearly tradition is the much-anticipated return of the market stalls, which seem to get better every year. So with the thought of a creamy hot chocolate by a cosy, Christmassy stall, I and Luke headed into town to enjoy the Manchester festivities that the city has to offer...

At the markets, there are loads to do and see, with stalls selling loads of cute souvenirs and gift ideas, amazing German food like Bratwurst and Schnitzel, and loads of cute little bars dotted around. The bars have a cabin theme to them whilst the market stalls are packed to the brim with colourful things to buy and mountains of sweets. If you're feeling a bit Scroogey, I definitely recommend getting yourself down to see how Manchester does Christmas. Alternatively, if you can't get here click here to find your nearest Christmas market and join in the fun!

Christmas in Manchester
Ice Skating

Ice Skating
A short walk from Albert Square where the main market is based, the Spinningfields ice rink is located on Byrom street. It looks like great fun for both kids and adults, and as you can see there's plastic penguins and seals to hold on to if you're a bit nervous on the ice are adorable. There's also a Helter Skelter and a Fun House right by the rink!

Christmas in Manchester
Hot Chocolate at the Market

Tips & Advice:
The markets get pretty packed, so keep your phone and purse close to you and your bag zipped up - check all this before entering! It's also worth mentioning that the markets only accept cash, so make sure you have some money on you. These very cute red mugs you can see above are a £2 deposit, so you can simply take them away for you for that price. There's also orange and turquoise mugs to choose from as well as pint glasses for £1!

Things I Would Recommend Doing Are:
Get yourself a hot chocolate and ask them to top it off with squirty cream; buy a sausage or some Schnitzel; go to one of the bars - if you don't fancy a pint just get yourself a can of Coke, Fanta or Sprite, the bars are lovely to sit in with a great atmosphere; take lots of photographs; and say phrases like "Santa's coming!!!" (in the voice of Buddy the elf) very loudly in the crowd.

Christmas Chocolate
Christmas Market
Christmas MarketChristmas Fudge

As you can see, there're loads of sweet treats to buy which you could always pop in a jar or wrap in cellophane with a bow to give as stocking fillers or little Christmas presents - or just give as a gift to yourself! We indulged in some of the amazing Snickers fudge from the fudge stall, but I really wanted the windmill biscuits as well (I WANTED IT ALL). Whatever you go for it will be very hard to get your hands on through the rest of the year - so enjoy!

Christmas Market

Have you visited the Manchester Christmas markets before, or experienced Christmas in this fantastic city? Let me know in the comment section below! To keep up with my Christmas antics, don't forget to follow my accounts below too.

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