10 November 2015

Pisa In A Day

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Location: The Leaning Tower, Pisa, Italy

When I and my boyfriend were in Rome, we were looking at a map and debating whether to head to Pisa for a couple of days. We were staying in a little flat about 15 minutes from the Colosseum. The lovely lady we were staying with heard our plans of Pisa. She screwed her nose up, took a puff of her cigarette, and exhaling replied, "by the time you finish cigarette, you've seen Pisa". But as optimistic travellers, we decided to go anyway. I mean how often in life will you get to see that leaning tower if you don't even live in Italy?


Needless to say, she was right - Pisa is tiny, and in a single day, we'd pretty much seen it. However, this isn't to say it was a bad move. We stayed in a place called Hostel Pisa, which although like most hostels, is pretty basic, it's actually good value for money. The two of us shared a good sized, clean room with four other people, and everyone in the hostel including the workers I would say was aged 18-30. The hostel also offers a simple buffet of salad, pasta, bread, and pizza which is good for the money but there aren't many amazing places to eat in Pisa so it may be your only option. But, there's a nice little beer garden, a large seating area complete with wi-fi and board games and a good selection of alcohol available to purchase - happy days.

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Luke & I At The Leaning Tower

As for its most famous landmark, the leaning tower, it is, of course, the main attraction and well worth a visit. Leading up to the location are beautiful little streets filled with cafes, ice cream parlours and gift shops. The unintentional leaning tower is situated in the Square of Miracles, behind the beautifully decorated Baptistery. It's a great place to sit and enjoy ice cream, sunbathe, and of course get that all important picture of you pretending to push the tower.

Horse And Carriage
Streets Of Pisa

We spent just three days in Pisa, which included arriving on the first and leaving on the last. There isn't a great deal of stuff to do, but the town is absolutely beautiful and there are some lovely little cafes to grab some great Italian food, plus the locals seem humble and welcoming. It is also worth mentioning that it's easy to get a train to a nearby beach for the day. I wouldn't exactly recommend Pisa as a main holiday, but if hopping around Italy, or just fancying booking a short, cheap break in the sunshine it is somewhere that's cute and has a world-famous landmark! 

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