8 October 2015

Dreams Can Come True

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Location: Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

My Dad has done quite a bit of travelling. Before I came along, he had lived in Saudi Arabia and the Falkland isles. Since, he's been just about everywhere either for holiday,work or football. He's sat with me since I've been little pointing at places on globes and maps and telling me stories about places he's been. As I was growing up, he would always make the effort to take me away on holiday. For all this, I'm incredibly thankful, because I grew up with a travel bug before I even knew what one was. This year I've visited some absolutely incredible places, so instead of showing you the dream places I'd like to visit, instead I'll share where I've already been.

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Paris, France
I'd wanted to visit Paris for as long as I can remember. All that cliche French culture - the food, the accent, the black and white stripes and the beret - it all interested me and I wanted to experience it for myself. Paris, in particular, had a sort of class about it, although I'm strictly referring to the centre here as venturing further out it gets rough. Of course, I also dreamed of going up the Eiffel Tower and the views really were better than I could have imagined, I conquered my fear of heights and took it all in. I also saw the likes of the Moulin Rouge, Notre Dame and attached a love lock to a bridge over the River Seine. All of this secured Paris as what dreams are made of!

Rome, Italy
If you would have told me at the beginning of this year I'd be visiting Rome for the first time at age 22 with my boyfriend, I couldn't have believed you. Since watching Sabrina Goes To Rome (A Sabrina the Teenage Witch movie of course!) as a little girl, I've been interested in visiting the great "eternal city" but I hadn't actually thought it would happen. I guessed I'd go at some point, though, but to go this summer was just mindblowing. We managed to stay in a flat with a lovely couple 15 minutes away from the Coliseum - it blows my f*cking mind! We also visited the Roman Forum as pictured above, Ponte Sant'Angelo leading to Castel Sant'Angelo, and of course, Vatican City including St. Peter's Basilica. Just thinking about it all takes my breath away.

Venice, Italy 
Well, Venice was not what I expected, but it has again been a dream of mine to go - and especially with a boy (cringe). I loved wandering down the little streets, crossing the little bridges and anticipated what was around every corner, and I would definitely visit again. Venice hasn't been my favourite place of all that I've visited, but I'm so happy I can finally say I've experienced it and would definitely recommend that you do at some point too!

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam! I'd heard so many damn stories about this place that I knew I needed to see it for myself. I visited the Heineken Experience, Anne Frank House, the Sex Museum, had a beer by the water, went on a boat ride and had a pleasant stroll through the red light district - lovely. The only thing I didn't do is get high...but it's only a 45-minute plane ride away...

Prague, Czech Republic 
Again, this was a place I first heard from my Dad who absolutely loves it. I'd seen a few photos and then as I got a bit older I heard people talking about how great - and cheap - it was. Well, of course, it didn't disappoint. Old Town Square is just beautiful, and I really enjoyed crossing Charles Bridge, which one night we were on during a lightning storm. I also went to Prague Castle whilst I was there, and the views of Prague from up there are crazy. I really want to go back in Winter one year, but visiting in Summer was pretty amazing.

Pisa, Italy
 So, I hadn't really thought about actually going to Pisa before, but I knew if I got the chance to see the leaning tower I'd take it. Fortunately, we had a few of days to kill in Italy so we decided to stay there for a couple of nights. In all honesty, there's not much to do in Pisa, so I don't think I'll be booking a holiday there anytime soon, but I can't say I didn't enjoy myself. Italian food, weather and people are amazing, and it was so much fun to sunbathe and get photos by the leaning tower of Pisa. It really is weirder in real life than in photos!

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Berlin, Germany
With so much history, culture and incredible architecture, if Berlin isn't on your travel bucket list it really should be. There was so much to do over there that I feel I need a second trip just to take it all in again - we participated in a walking tour to soak up its rich past and visited the amazing zoo and aquarium which still mirrors its Victorian roots from opening in 1844! We also walked the East Side Gallery, enjoyed great places to eat and shop and stayed in the middle of a forest!

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