7 October 2015

Autumn Accessorising | #IWearRI

With Autumn now officially upon us, it was time for me to review what accessories I had for the season - since most of my summer stuff can be a bit boho and/or flowery. I've always loved River Island especially for its accessories such as bags, watches and purses so I popped in to see what they had brought out. I was not disappointed and decided to splurge on these goodies. To be honest, these will definitely take me through to Spring, but they do everything I wanted them to do. They are on trend, fashionable yet still ooze sophistication and can be dressed up or stand out alone.

The Satchel
I fell in love with this miniature satchel bag as soon as I saw it. Perfect for using in the day when I just need my purse, keys and phone, and transitioning to the night time whether it be for food, cocktails or clubbing. I'm in love with the subtle leopard print, and the interior is lined with silky gold fabric. The strap attaches to a small gold chain which is also another detail I appreciate, and as you can see here I've tied my Moschino scarf to add a pop of colour. Any bright scarf can be added to make this shoulder bag stand out, but to be honest I think it holds its own alone too! The bag is priced at £22.00. 

The Fluffy Details
I absolutely adore this trend of oversized pom-pom key rings for your keys and bag. Since I have an incredible Paris keyring already fitted to my keys, I decided to show off my new pom-pom contrasting the bright white and pink with my black faux-fur River Island handbag. I love how it stands out and is split into two colours - it is also available in an even more vibrant blue and orange. I am a total sucker for fluff and at just £5.00 it just had to be added to my collection of Autumn accessories.

The Snake Print Purse
Well, my purse broke which sucked so I needed a new one, so I thought I'd match up to my new handbags and grab one from River Island. I love this purse as it's simple but does its job well, the quality of the material is great and for just £12.00 in my eyes it was a bargain. I also love the snake print design which is on trend and can be mixed and matched with anything. 

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