11 August 2015

A Greek Paradise: Tingaki, Kos

Tingaki, Kos

Location: Tingaki, Kos Island, Greece

I was dreaming of turquoise water, orange skies and ice cold drinks in the sunshine and Tingaki, Kos made those dreams come true Since I was a little girl, I've enjoyed going away to Greece's many beautiful islands for everything from family holiday's and ten day's of pool loungin' to its more flamboyant party scene such as crazy nights out in Laganas, Zante. When I went to Kos for a week of sun and cocktails, I discovered the island has a balanced, beautiful mixture of both. I flew from Manchester airport and upon arrival, we hopped on a coach to take us to our hotel located in Tingaki. Tingaki is a quieter location on the island, however still offers an array of bars and restaurants down its strip which leads to the sandy beach at the bottom. It was time for Cosmopolitans - and to apply the suncream!

Tingaki, Kos
Summer Bus Ride

I must admit, before I visited Kos I'd never realised there was more to the island than just clubbing. During my week's stay in Tingaki, I experienced breathtaking sunsets as well as plenty of great places to wine and dine, and a short walk to the beach took me to white sands and pure relaxation. On one of my days there, I took the bus to Kos town for just a couple of euros, and the bus stop was located right outside of my hotel, taking me directly to the centre of the town. When I got there it was filled with beautiful little white cobbled streets dotted with shops, market stalls and bright churches, as well as the garden of Hippocrates - a gem from Ancient Greece. There is also a stunning harbour where the boats float on crystal waters, and you can also rent a bike to get around on or just enjoy the walk by the waterfront in the sunshine.

Garden of Hippocrates
View from Zia, Kos
View from Zia, Kos
Sunset in Zia

Near the end of the trip I booked on to a coach ride to travel up to the mountains of Zia that loom over Tingaki. It is not a place you can walk to, however if you go as part of a trip (which  will be advertised in many of the hotels) you can enjoy dinner, a beautiful sunset, and many glasses of wine (winning). My night in the Zia mountains was one of the most magical I've experienced: a traditional greek dinner was served as dancers performed, and to my right the sky burned like fire as the sun left us for the night. When the sun had disappeared, the silver moon shone brightly above, and you could see every star in the sky, rounding up an incredibly dreamy trip to Kos. 

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