25 August 2015

Burgers In Baskets: Home Sweet Home Manchester NQ

Location: Edge Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester

My favourite spot to hang in Manchester, call me cliche, but it is of course, the Northern Quarter. With its little streets that feature an array of quirky shops and cafes that are unlike anywhere else in the city centre, and with loads of places to sip coffee, cocktails or catch up over lunch, you can be sure you'll find somewhere that sets itself apart from the standard branded coffee shops on Market street. One place in particular that I'd had my eye on for a while was Home Sweet Home, a bright diner style cafe situated on Edge Street

Home Sweet Home is somewhere that everyone who visits Manchester wants to try, but because of its hearsay and popularity it can get rather busy - if you try to get in on a weekend you may find a waiting time for a seat greeting you. I didn't see this as a bad thing, however, if anything, it just made me want to go more. If I were to describe Home Sweet Home in three words, I'd say unorthodox, vivid and charming. The walls are pastel coloured and filled with clocks, mirrors and pictures, with shelves above holding a clutter of books. The music is a mixture - upbeat and reminiscent pop songs of the past and slick indie classics, the food mimics an American diner seasoned with class. If forming a brand new too-cool-for-school gang or making your own Mancunian version of Saved By The Bell, I feel like Home Sweet Home is the ultimate spot to hold your meetings at. 

For lunch, I ordered a veggie burger with seasoned fries and was impressed with not only how quickly it came but also the fact it was delivered in a red basket! The waitress was lovely and in general, the place seemed to have enough staff, and despite the numbers of people coming in piling up, they didn't seem over their head. I don't really have any complaints about the experience, the music was great, we got a window seat, the service was simple and quick and the waitress didn't bother us too much but knew when we needed to order/get the bill. Oh, and the food was delicious.

As you can see pictured above, Home Sweet Home also do some cracking cakes, although I was sadly too full to order a slice. I definitely want to head back for another visit for some dessert and to try their awesome milkshakes. With a selection of breakfast, brunch, lunch  and sweet treats they'll surely be something to tickle your fancy.

Find out more about Home Sweet Home
 by visiting their website www.homesweethomenq.com

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