5 August 2015

Afternoon Tea & Lunchin' | Teacup Kitchen Manchester NQ

Location: Thomas Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester

One of my favourite places to head in Manchester, whether it be for coffee or cocktails, is the Northern Quarter. With its vibrant back streets filled with cafes, bars, thrift stores and shops you just can't get on the high street, it is the ultimate place to hang on a rainy Manchester afternoon. Being one of those very familiar afternoons, me and my girl made use of our day off work and headed to Teacup Kitchen for lunch, dessert, and of course a good cuppa.

The Tea
Teacup offer a separate menu dedicated just to tea - this is a Northerner's dream. However, not wanting anything too fancy, I just opted for a standard good old English Breakfast tea. You can imagine my surprise, and excitement when I was presented with the above. Firstly the waiter explained about my tea timer, with three timers to distinguish how strong you want your tea. After building its strength, I then transferred the red pot filled with boiling water to the white pot to filter out my tea. These little details definitely made the experience better and should be a winner with any tea-loving Mancunian like myself!

Love Ewe Sandwich (v)
Lunch | The Menu
I chose the Love Ewe (v) sandwich which is a filling of sheep's cheese, sweet marmalade and baby gem lettuce and can also be served in a wrap. I also ordered a side of sweet potato fries which were amaaaazing. For dessert, I chose the Hearty Scone which was a huge scone shaped like a love heart, served with a pot of clotted cream and jam! It was so delicious and presented beautifully too.

Hearty Scone served with clotted cream and jam

The Verdict
The food tasted incredible and was presented perfectly - I was very content to be full for the rest of the afternoon, especially on a cold and rainy day. The service at Teacup is quick, friendly and efficient, and although it can get quite busy at peak times they seem to handle themselves well. The only bad point is that they came along a little too quick - myself and my friend were due a big chat and weren't quite ready to order at many points, but I'd rather attentive service than waving my hands in the air trying to get some service! I feel this will become my English answer to my very own Central Perk in the Northern Quarter. 

Find out more about Teacup Kitchen 
by visiting their website www.teacupandcakes.com

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