28 July 2015

The Best Store In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Duck Store

Location: Oude Leliestraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Earlier this summer before I went to the Netherlands, I was extremely excited about arriving in Amsterdam as I've never been before, and so went a bit crazy looking through loads of stuff on the internet about it. I came across an Instagram on my Explore feed of somebody who was living in the Dam and had uploaded a picture of some rubber ducks, tagged at the Amsterdam Duck Store. I thought a whole shop dedicated to rubber ducks!? So I decided to Google search it and low and behold I came across a website for the store! 

Amsterdam Duck Store
Amsterdam Duck Store
Amsterdam Duck Store

As soon as I saw my boyfriend Luke, I was like Luke, I've found the ultimate store, for rubber ducks!! And he was probably thinking, "Oh God, what's she saying now". However in Amsterdam we made some time to track it down and go, and as you can see, it did not dissapoint! Little ducks like the ones pictured above are 8 euro each, and you can even get giant ones for 15 euros. There's also lots of little duck merchandise like notepads and key rings so you can really get quackers about it.

Amsterdam Duck Store
Amsterdam Duck Store
Our Ducks

I hope if you do visit Amsterdam you are lucky enough to visit the Amsterdam Duck Store and treat yourself to a little rubber ducky! Check out their website here for more information!

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