17 May 2016

The Birthday Bucket List

Location: Nook Neighbourhood Coffee, Heaton Moor, Greater Manchester

On Saturday it was my birthday, so the celebrations were stretched across the whole weekend! Friday I had dinner with my parents and boyfriend, Saturday I spent most of the day at my Grandma's and Saturday night I went for drinks with my closest friends. Sunday revolved around lunch and coffee - and sheltering from the insane afternoon storm. After recovering from all the celebrations, it's now sinking in that I'm twenty-three - yikes! As I find myself often doing on my birthday, I started to reflect on my achievements. As I look to the year ahead, I have loads of plans and goals that I want to go for,  but focusing on what I've already accomplished I decided to devise a bucket list of things that I ticked off during my twenty-second year! I can't believe how much I've done since May 2015 and it really shows you just how much you can do in a year!

8 May 2016

How Volunteering Changed My Life

Location: Bolgatanga, Northern Ghana

In May 2013 I came home from university unemployed for the summer. I'd just turned 20 and once my birthday was out of the way, I didn't have any money to go clubbing, which made me extremely sad and bored. Instead of sitting around, I saw that my local charity shop was looking for volunteers to give up an afternoon each week, so I decided to apply. Now I can't go and sugar coat it: it was mind numbingly dull. I did shifts between two of the charity's shops as they were both on the same road, one sold books and the other clothes and bric-a-brac. All I did was stock and sit on the till, however, I don't regret doing it as I made some mates and it filled in a section on my CV. You'll be glad to know reader that during working at the charity shops, unpaid, I did find a job as a waitress and barmaid at my local pub. However, our story doesn't end there...


3 May 2016

African Adventures | As Seen On Instagram

Literally like a week before I was due to come home from Ghana, my iphone broke. I've only just bothered to get it fixed, but now I can happily say it's working and I'm back on Instagram! I wanted to share with you what I've been posting lately, and of course I've spammed everybody's news feed with snaps of sunny Ghana! If you're considering going to work in a developing country, this will give you a quick insight into everyday life and might even be the decider of whether it's for you or not...let me know in the comment section below!


2 May 2016

Rome Is Forever

Location: Vatican City, Rome, Italy

We'd took a train direct from Venice arriving... the time of day I am unable to pin point. It was hot and hazy and the train had wearied me causing me to slumber heavily on the sticky leather seats. Checking the time was unthinkable. We had to get our heads together though, with a bunch of directions, a pressing hostel reservation and every possession we needed attached to our backs, our journey was not yet complete. 

26 April 2016

5 Life Lessons I've Learnt

Location: Manchester, England

So it's official, in less than a month, I'll be 23. My boyfriend's birthday is the same month as mine, and he genuinely could not care less about birthdays. 'They're just another day'. Well to me, birthdays are my New Year. Another year older, hopefully a little wiser, and a chance to set goals. I think I worry way more than him that I'm not where I 'should' be at certain ages, when really we're so goddamn young and I'll have plenty of time to worry when I've got scary things to deal with like a mortgage or whatever adults do. This being just one thing I'm starting to learn, I thought in honour of my twenty-two years NOT QUITE OVER YET, and my deepening journey into adulthood, I thought I'd share five important life lessons that I've learnt.
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