29 July 2016

Summer So Far | As Seen On Instagram


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Every few months, I love to show you lot a little round-up of my latest Instagram pictures. In the past, I've featured Christmas 2015, and my adventures in West Africa, so this time I thought I'd just show you what I've been getting up to so far this summer! Have a little read to see where each picture was from and of course let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Finally, don't forget to follow me on Instagram to keep up with all my moments! Thank you lovelies.

27 July 2016

Summer At Manchester Museum | What's On

Manchester Museum

Location: Manchester Museum, Manchester, England

My friend is currently doing a little road trip through England to see friends he hasn't seen for a while before he heads off to Australia later this year. Yesterday, he came to visit me in my glorious hometown Manchester, and wanted to see something cool in the city so, of course, I decided to take him to Manchester Museum. Located on Oxford road, it's free and packed with stuff to see including this summer's 'Climate Control' exhibition and the super sick new space upstairs: The Study. Read on to find out all the museum has offer this season and why you need to get down!

22 July 2016

Highlights of Genoa, Italy

Port Genoa

Location: Genoa, Liguria, Italy

When I and my boyfriend, Luke, found ourselves travelling around Italy, Venice and Rome were the two destinations top of our list. But after that, we weren't really sure where to go next. To kill a weekend, we decided to head to Pisa to eat our body weight in ice cream and take pictures of each other pretending to push over the Leaning Tower (the two fundamental activities for any tourist that finds themselves in Pisa). Luke asked me where else I wanted to visit in Italy, and since we'd seen a lot of cities, my only desire was to go somewhere where I could swim in the sea, and so we headed to a city situated on the coast: Genoa.

20 July 2016

Coconut Lane Wishlist

Coconut Lane Wishlist
I see it: I want it

When Coconut Lane contacted me asking if I'd like to become a Coconut Queen, I jumped at the opportunity! Coconut Lane is a sassy little online boutique that sells cute phone cases, motivational wall prints and dainty jewellery to name just a few things! There is so much to choose from to brighten up your bedroom and accessory collection this Summer, it's hard to click away. Here I've shared with you a few things that I'm craving to add to my collection - and remember to #treatyoself by grabbing 20% off, just pop in my code at the checkout: sweetsevenfive20 

18 July 2016

My Blogging Tips & Tricks

Coconut Lane wall print: Stay Focused & Extra Sparkly

Stay Focused & Extra Sparkly | Blogging Advice

It's nearly been A YEAR since I started blogging - like, wow. Over the past twelve months, I've constantly thought of new ways to make my blog more exciting and engaging to read. I started this little space to showcase my writing and share my adventurous side, but I've found myself covering a range of topics and an amazing community to join in with. I've learnt a lot on my blogging journey so far so, if you're blowing up like Zoella then you're probably way ahead of these, but if you're fairly new to the game then these nifty lil' tips may just help you along.

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